We are YNOIR

We are YNOIR

Music is one of mans finest creations and at YNOIR we believe the technology used to let you experience it, should reflect that passion. 

We set out to design a product that added style to any outfit. That was elegant yet edgy. Something that looked as good as your music sounds. Something you would care about.  

The style of YNOIR evolved from the idea of a unique new focus, centered around the most visible part on the earphones; the crossing of the cords, right at the hart of your body. The final design, our signature ornament is sculpted by a jeweler from a single piece of copper, then plated in 18K gold and secured by hand. It demands attention from observers.

We love music. We listen to it everyday and knew we definitely did not want give up sound-quality for size. The audio engineers at YNOIR have over 20 years experience of putting big sounds into small packages. We are proud of the result.

Earphones may have been a disposable item in the past, with plastic buds and rubber cords. But we don’t recommend loosing your YNOIR’s. You’ll feel it.